Forging Alternate Worlds that Deepen Players’ Lives

We’re a game development team dedicated to the idea that online games can deliver deeper, more meaningful experiences.

Passion in Imagination

Our vision is to create rich, compelling universes filled with meaningful social interactions and diverse gameplay experiences. We aspire for our players to feel a true sense of belonging when playing our games and feel valued within the community.

Player Obsessed

We start with our players and put their experiences first.

Live Boldly

We think big and rally around bold ambitions that inspire results.

Manifest Grit

We persevere and overcome challenges with determination.

Bloom: Learn and Grow

We constantly seek to improve ourselves through curiosity and exploration.

Cultivate World-Class Teams

We strive for team excellence through teamwork and continuous improvement.

Deliver Impact

Maximize impact, minimize effort. If we miss the mark, we learn and try again.

FinalPaliaLOGO simple W

Palia is an enchanting community sim game for you and your friends. Craft the life of your dreams in an inviting new world!

We're Hiring

Team up with Singularity 6 to forge your path and craft unforgettable experiences for players.