About Our Studio

Singularity 6 is a game development team, dedicated to crafting deeper, more meaningful gaming experiences that enrich players' lives.

Who We Are

We are an assembly of people obsessed with exploration and discovery. While we all bring a rich tapestry of industry experience, we also make room to chat about those human endeavors that make life (and games!) so compelling. Whether it be dead languages, cryptids, pets, or a studio favorite—ramen.

What We Dream

Our team is bonded by the vision of creating a joyful future shaped by genre-defining online experiences that deepen players' lives. We aim to craft a constellation of virtual worlds filled with thriving online communities, diverse in-game experiences, and pioneering gameplay that drives meaningful social connections.

How We Work

We celebrate trying and failing more than easy success, because it is in our failures that we learn the most! We know that building great teams can only be done through open-hearted teamwork, and that this is the best way to nurture imagination and innovation.

Group 11

Passion in Imagination

Our vision is to create rich, compelling universes filled with meaningful social interactions and diverse gameplay experiences. We aspire for our players to feel a true sense of belonging when playing our games and feel valued within the community.

Player Obsessed


We start with the customer and work backwards. We put the customer experience first, and know that we will also thrive as a result. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

Manifest Grit


We persevere and overcome challenges with determination. We apply passion and sustained persistence toward long-term achievement, with little need for instant gratification along the way.

Live Boldly


We think big and rally around bold ambitions that inspire results. We take calculated risks and pursue them fearlessly. We don’t lose sight of the big picture, especially in the day-to-day.

Bloom: Learn and Grow


We constantly seek to improve ourselves through curiosity and exploration. We are never done learning and strive to be better.

Cultivate World Class Teams


We strive for team excellence through continuous improvement. We deliver value as a team, and celebrate the team's successes as our own.

Deliver Impact


Maximize impact, minimize effort. If we miss the mark, we learn and try again.