Adventures in LA: S6 2022 Studio Summit

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New friends, community, crafting, mini-games, adventure… in Palia? Absolutely. But also in-person with the Singularity 6 team coming together at the 2022 studio summit!

The last week of September saw Sixers from across North America gather in sunny Los Angeles for a wholesome two-day all-hands conference that included nostalgic button-mashing at the arcade, creativity-fueled team bonding sessions, and studio leadership presentations served with a healthy side of memes (stonks, anyone?).


The summit was Singularity 6’s first company-wide meeting in 2022, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. The studio has more than doubled in size (!!!) since 2021, and the event was the first opportunity for nearly 150 Sixers to take a break from a virtual environment, meet IRL, cut loose, and bond over some friendly(ish) competitive blue shell-tossing kart racing action.

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“As our team continues to grow and scale, it was a big priority for us to bring the studio together in 2022,” said Singularity 6 CEO & Co-Founder Anthony Leung. “I was blown away by the energy that our team brought to the summit. It made me so happy to see new and veteran Sixers collaborating and showcasing the best of our company culture.”


Off-key karaoke and welcoming dinner parties are wonderful. But the real (Chapaa?) meat and potatoes of the summit was the overwhelming sense of unity and camaraderie on display from Sixers participating in activities across the board. Group session outcomes in design, art, production, tech, and more proved that Sixers are truly player obsessed.


Sessions included no shortage of marshmallow-wielding Sixers working together to construct the tallest – if not the most structurally sound – spaghetti towers. Brainstorming Sixers ‘illuminated’ one corner of the conference room with a rainbow array of Post-It notes. And the entire studio crowdsourced polygonal works of art that represent our company values. Some pieces were more, uh, “abstract” than others. But all in all, these sessions showcased a shared ambition of creating experiences that enhances players' lives and celebrates the intricacies of the human condition through work, play, and community.


And with diversity, equity, and inclusion serving as the backbone of the studio — our talented Sixer speakers were empowered to discuss a range of topics that detailed the holistic vision for Singularity 6 and an inclusive studio experience.


We want to give a HUGE shoutout to S6’s People Ops & Talent Acquisition team who planned the summit’s awesome activities, and we cannot wait to apply key learnings from the event as Singularity 6 continues to grow and build our world class team. Between Sixers hitting the one-two step for S-tier scores in dance simulators, and studio co-founders Aidan Karabaich and Anthony Leung sharing plans for the studio’s future, a refreshed Singularity 6 is poised to deliver games that forge alternate worlds that deepen players’ lives.


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