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Jel, Palia’s most dapper tailor, would be threading the needle to look as good as our LA-based Sixers who swapped the WFH PJ’s for shiny shoes, elegant dresses, and pressed tuxedos at Singularity 6’s 2022 Winter Gala.

IMG 2253

S6 celebrated the holiday season in style at the historic Yamashiro restaurant in Hollywood. Sixers convened and discussed all things videogames in the restaurant’s central courtyard made famous by blockbuster Hollywood films, such as “Kill Bill” and “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

IMG 2257

Yummy sushi platters, vegan hor d’oeuvres, and delectable dessert displays might have given the menu at Ormuu’s Horn a run for its money, but it was the attending Sixers that fueled this cozy get-together.

IMG 5373

While Sixers enjoy the flexibility of our studio’s remote-choice environment, several attendees noted how fun it was to celebrate our wins in-person and connect on a more personal level.

And a mid-winter celebration is never complete without a wholesome holiday surprise. A group of Palia’s wonderful Discord community members came together to create custom Palia cookies to show appreciation for the S6 development team! We thank you so much!

IMG 5362 Community Cookies

As always, we thank our amazing People Ops team for putting together such a delightful event. We appreciate you continuing to offer the best possible social experiences for our growing team. These opportunities empower our studio to connect and collaborate to create the most impactful games for our community.

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