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As 2020 approached, many of us were expecting to ring in the new year with a fresh start to a new decade. No one anticipated that a virus would affect so many aspects of our lives.

In the short time that COVID-19 was discovered, we’ve seen a tremendous global impact on the way we live, and on our economy, resulting in a reassessment of how we work as a society.  The visible impact on businesses has resulted in countless layoffs and uncertain futures. As a startup, we know these are trying times. We’re fortunate that through these uncertain times, we’re actively hiring with no plans to slow on growth. We all feel very fortunate to continue to pursue our passion in games, and to bring people on board who share that passion. While we’re seeing the effects of COVID-19 on hiring across industries, we’re also seeing resilience in people who are still in pursuit of their interests during this time.

There have been questions and even feelings of doubt when it comes to starting a new role, but take it from our recent hires, and even me. Joining Singularity 6 has allowed me to align my interest in games to a great company, and to work towards a collective purpose that all of us share in pursuing our mission.

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Our team of 30 consists of designers, artists, and engineers who come from both the gaming and non-gaming worlds. Our small, yet mighty team has been working remotely (and successfully too!) until we can see each other again in the office.

We make time to connect through different virtual team events and gaming hour, where we explore games on the market. If you like Animal Crossing, virtual board games, or even FF14, you might enjoy playing games with us as part of your role here at S6.

We’re hiring across the board for engineering, art, design, and production. Check out our careers page for the roles that we’re actively hiring for, and to learn more about us. If you want to know more about what it’s like to join a company during a pandemic, or what it’s like taking that risk to pursue opportunities when the world is going through this current situation, please reach out. I’m happy to share my experience, and I’m sure the rest of my team would be happy to talk to you too.


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